Spark Browser

Spark Browser is a simple and easy-to-use internet browser base on Chromium.Your favorite sites will only be a click away by sites navigation. MagicBox contains screen capture, mouse gesture and mute sound tools. Screen capture can help you saving the favorite picture. Mouse gesture provide an effective way to open or close webpages. Mute sound can help you stop the noise on the page when necessary. Download and try this fast free browser and enjoy it.


Spark for Windows

Mute sound

Spark browser can help to mute the sound on current webpage, provide a quiet page for you.

Mouse gesture

Mouse gesture give you an effective way to open or close webpages just like touching the screen.

Capture screen

Spark browser provide screen capture tools to save your favor picture on webpage.

Floating tools

When you mouse over a picture, you can find a floating tools on left-top and enlarge the picture by clicking the icon.

Fast Dial panel

The fast dial panel saving your favorite websites and visit it by a click way.

Restore tab

Restore tab can help you re-open the history webpages.